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Open Positions

Non-Profit Advisor, Project Leads & Interns


TRENDS is increasingly growing relationships and footprint with UN, UNICEF, USAID and related organizations.

Our ambitions are to increase and maximize our overall regional contribution to the betterment of society and the environment via digital and technological means.


To that end, we are seeking:

  • Consultants / Advisors (3-5 years exp.) with expertise in activity fields like UN Women, Social Development and other Programs

  • Project Managers or Leaders (3-5 years exp.) with a strong understanding of managing these projects

  • Interns (1-3 years exp. in field) that want to adopt digital toolkits for future professional growth

What we offer

  • Sharing of best practices in Digital-first and AGILE management approach

  • Work-from-anywhere based on mutually agreed standards and contribution

  • Ability to tap into commercial & industry best practices for social enterprise and non-profit goals

  • Competitive Remuneration

TRENDS has worked with below organisations in related fields:

  • Unicef, Greenpeace, Habitat for Humanity, TRAFFIC, USAID, among others

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