Facebook pulls back plans for WhatsApp ads

Facebook pulls back plans for WhatsApp ads

A WSJ article reported that Facebook has stopped its plans to implement WhatsApp Ads. These ads would have been the main monetisation method and appear on the “Status” section, in-between updates from friends and family. But it seems this plan has been halted.

“At the moment, the team is focused on building new features to help businesses achieve success, as well as providing payments in a number of countries. For example, late last year, WhatsApp launched catalogs to help businesses showcase their goods and services right within the app.”

The Rise of Instagram, Snapchat & TikTok— Story Ad Monetization

Full-screen story ads are not novel concepts. The immersive experience on Snapchat, Instagram. TikTok and even Facebook Story Ads with the direct links to business objectives has made it easier than ever for users to take action. They are both great for awareness and conversion — driving business results at the same time. More importantly, users don’t seem to mind it.

Snapchat Ads samples from Snapchat Website

What’s next for WhatsApp?

So why won’t "Status Ads" work for WhatsApp. Would it be rival to other Facebook-family ads? Potentially. Would users flee

to other apps? Unlikely.

Perhaps this plan will retain the app’s vision as it prides itself on end-to-end data encryption and high security. Either way, this move doesn't seem to have much impact as WhatsApp just reached another milestone reaching 5 billion downloads on Android this week.

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