Shedding a light on what users really think of social media influencers.


Most marketers agree that Influencer marketing has become a popular marketing tool to sell products and engage audiences. But what do users really think about influencers when they promote a product to them?

GlobalWebIndex conducted a recent survey among 1,266 internet users to reveal the users attitude towards influencers.

The survey results highlighted three main points every marketer should keep in mind:

- One in three say that Influencers impact their purchasing decisions

- 40% trust Influencers’ recommendations

- Users want to be informed that influencers' posts are sponsored

While we can confirm these findings, we also found that consumers very much care for genuine, transparent and relatable brand-to-consumer experiences.

As we saw with the recent Fyre Festival controversy, customers and audiences trust influencers and were willing to pay thousands of dollars for tickets based on photos of orange tiles from high profile models and Instagram influencers. Despite the disaster and outrage, how can we blame the influencers for advertising an event that organizers were unable to deliver?

It is important that influencers are not the be all end all of social marketing but an important component of it and a consequence to recent brand efforts to make themselves more approachable. Now, more than ever, brands must stay transparent to make sure influencers are not just marketing machines but rather a powerful actor that help build strong brand advocacy and community.

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