Highlights from the 2020 UNICEF Thailand "Blue Carpet Show"

On Children’s Day Jan 11th, UNICEF Thailand hosted its second live variety show “Blue Carpet Show” on CH.7HD to fundraise for children in Thailand and around the world.

The show raised over 32 Million Baht in donations but it doesn’t stop there. UNICEF has continued the initiative through social fundraising online. You can check out the official Blue Carpet site here: https://www.unicef.or.th/bluecarpetshow to find out how you can still get involved.

For every baht you donate online, generous supporters will match those donations — doubling your impact and sending 2x the love to the children. That means, if you donate 1,000 Baht now, your donation will double to another 1,000. The live show assembled over 40 celebrities for performances to raise awareness on social inequality and to fearlessly deliver aid and hope to even the most remote and destitute places in the world.

If you missed out on the show, you can watch exclusive short films on children’s issues.

Es Kantapong: Water Crisis in Madagascar

Tuitui Puttachat: Infant Mortality in Sierra Leone

Mai Davika: severe acute malnutrition

Sean Jindachote: Education in Mae Hong Son

TRENDS is proud to support UNICEF to help raise awareness to these important social causes. We believe in the basic human rights for equal educational opportunities and access to public services and well-being.

Join us, as we fight #ForEveryChild through #TheBlueCarpetShow #UNICEF.