A Touchdown Super Bowl Ad Strategy

The Super Bowl is one of the most watched annual sporting events worldwide offering a unique opportunity for companies to raise awareness with their creativity during the prime time ad breaks.

But, with TV viewership decreasing since 2015 by 14% and a significant increase in digital streaming, how are brands making the most out of their million dollar investment?

Today viewers watch the game across a variety of platforms with 70% of Americans streaming TV content via the internet rather than watching it live. At the same time mobile is quickly replacing TV as a first screen for video requiring brands to complement and adapt traditional TV commercials with digital formats to create a winning touchdown strategy.

Video ads whether via Facebook or Google offer more precise targeted audience reach than just age and gender. You can target based on interests, online behaviors and important life-events. With ad formats like non-skippable, TrueView Action and call-to-action buttons, online video ads offer measurable impact.

More brands are continuing to move audiences online after the game while combining in-trend topics with the power of social media dynamics. A great example of this in 2019 was Bud Light and their Game of Thrones Superbowl Ad Mashup reaching more than 31,000 mentions with an average 73% positive sentiment online.

Take a look below for some of our top picks from this years’ Superbowl:

Loretta - Google Super Bowl Commercial 2020

Google's “Loretta” commercial pulled our heartstrings with a story of an elderly man using the Google Assistant feature to help him remember his late wife Loretta. We can‘t deny that there were a couple tears in our eyes when we watched it.

Groundhog Day - Jeep Super Bowl Commercial 2020

Though, if you rather want to laugh, take a look at the Jeep “Groundhog Day” advertisement that referenced the popular film.

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