Innovation VS. Patent Trolls - TRENDS joins LOTNetwork to combat Patent Trolls

$500 million dollars - this is the amount at stake in Apple's legal battle with a patent troll. The litigation has been on for 8 years and counting, with no end in sight.

Why should this be a problem for you? Well, these large-profile cases are only the tip of the patent troll iceberg and these issues have been cascading across industries for a while.

STOP Patent Trolls
TRENDS Digital is a proud member of LOTNetwork which combats Patent Trolls that halt Innovation

With patent trolls or PAEs (patent assertion entities) ‘draining’ billions of dollars from the economy every year, the misuse of patent laws is a looming threat to organizations of all sizes working with intellectual property.

As a strong supporter of safe knowledge sharing, TRENDS Digital joined the LOT Network in July 2018. This move is founded in our belief that any organisation should be able to focus on making new technologies, products, or services available to the public, without the fear of PAE litigation. 

The LOT Network agreement safeguards its members from unwarranted litigation by patent trolls. If any member’s patents faces PAE litigation, the other members of LOT automatically get a license to those patents - providing the member legal immunity from patent troll lawsuits.

As TRENDS Digital continues its pursuit of innovation, we’re proud members of a community that empowers fellow innovators to push the envelope without being threatened by patent trolls.

Visit the LOT Network website to learn more: