Why you should bet on E-commerce in SEA

Amidst COVID-19, buying and selling online is not just nice-to-have, but essential!

Due to closures of brick-and-mortar stores and strict government lockdowns, consumers are switching to online channels to buy products and services. In Southeast Asia, searches for e-commerce sites “Lazada” and “Shopee” increased.

E-commerce goes hand in hand with convenience. So, it’s not surprising that with less time outdoors, people are upgrading their indoor living spaces. In Thailand, “home automation” searches jumped by 95%.

It’s important for you to keep up with trends and capitalize on these opportune and profitable moments.

The Challenge?

Though more shoppers are online now than ever, so are new sellers. Despite some markets reopening, searches for “seller” spiked 20% in May compared to April.

This will be a lasting change… so how should retailers adapt?

Make sure your online store is your new storefront. Seamless customer shopping experiences require optimal digital retail strategy and presence. You want to make sure customers are converting as easily as possible by leveraging personalization, product interactivity and engagement. Since there are no face-to-face interactions you have to ensure the journey best serves the customer’s needs and interests.

Make an active investment in your online strategy to ensure lasting impacts on consumer and brand engagement now!

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