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Digital Strategy
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Defining and designing strategic and data-driven plans towards your business objectives with the right use of digital channels and tools, Trends Digital will help identify your audience, buyer personas, key drivers, competition, and online market dynamics relevant to your business, to name a few

We collect online market intelligence and data to craft strategic solutions that match your business requirements. Analyzing your industry landscape and exploring your unsolved business issues, Trends Digital combines our structured analysis with customized framework to deliver bespoken reports or playbooks 
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Online market research
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Immediately reaching new audiences, generating brand awareness, growing sales and leads, our media expert team at Trends Digital make sure your messages are conveyed to the right people at the right time on the right platforms whether on Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Tiktok, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Line with well-thought-out media strategies, monitoring, and optimization 
Media plan

A comprehensive social media management service that covers building your tailored social media strategy that will build your brand image and online visibility, planning and producing creative content that communicates your brand values, and managing and maintaining your audiences to continuously improve engagement of your social media accounts. With our international social media professionals, Trends Digital can manage across all social media platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Line, LinkedIn - and across Asia Pacific region
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Social media mgmt
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As a full service digital agency, Trends Digital provides brands with result-driven video & picture content of multimedia storytelling. From developing social media content to Line stickers, our careful study and strategic branding approach will ensure to bring your brand story to life. Our creative content ranges from but is not limited to key visuals, motion graphic, social media stories and videos, copywriting, blogging, webinar, website design, Line stickers, and etc. Additionally, with our long-standing digital and branding expertise, Trends Digital is able to help market your brands through reach-guaranteed sponsored content by our in-house team.
Digital creative content

Analysing data points from multiple sources whether it be from social media or websites, yours or competitors, our experts at Trends Digital utilize big data platforms, social listening, and analytics tools to retrieve and interpret data with actionable strategic insights
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Social & Digital Analytics
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Trends Digital with our experienced digital specialists offers you with strategic recommendations and practical action plans based on business requirements and concerns to help articulate and implement digital as a business strategy across the organization, aligning digital innovation with corporate strategy
Digital consultancy project

With Trends Digital’s years of experience working with clients from diverse industries and markets, we understand the unique nature of different online platforms and audiences. For every campaign, our influencer marketing strategists handpick influencers or KOLs who have a natural fit as brand advocates and are able to resonate and strengthen brand messages among their audience. Trends Digital works closely with our clients to develop custom campaigns, produce influencer briefs, connect with the right influencers or KOLs, manage content creation, and select the best online platform to launch, regarding products/services, target audience, campaign goals, and geographical locations
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Influencer mgmt
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With experiences in various industries, markets, and platforms, Trends Digital’s team of experts will help you in every step of product or campaign launch online from teaser videos to viral videos, from landing page to Live event. Aiming to always create an online viral buzz, we plan the right time for the launch combined with the right mix of multiple marketing channels to ensure the maximum reach for your new product or campaign  
Online product launch

Whether B2C or B2B, employing the latest analytics tools, Trends Digital is proficient in formulating well-planned and customized lead generation campaigns that target the right audience at the right time for your business. Our digital marketing experts employ deliberate strategies to ensure the optimal budget allocation on SEO, SEM, PPC, or social media, maximizing your ROI
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Online lead gen
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Trends Digital is adept at managing online presence and boosting brands’ visibility across all major social media and digital platforms. Our community management service saves your valuable time with this essential part of your online brand presence by engaging and interacting with your followers, fans, and customers, managing their feedback and queries, creating engagement, and stepping in for effective crisis management across Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Tiktok, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Line as well as other digital platforms
Online community mgmt
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