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Leading Cosmetics Brand | Online Product Launch and Influencer management

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To launch its globally best serum, in Thailand in a cost-effective manner, a leading cosmetics brand decided to invest in a digital-only campaign. Trends Digital recommended using a series of video ads and mobile-first campaigns to easily attract attention. Further amplification was achieved by localizing umbrella campaigns and producing local hero video content with influencers. To complement our content strategy, we tapped into local trends and activated strategic sequencing with well-known personalities, which led to viral mechanics & offers. We created a landing page for the product launch to improve the user experience for e-commerce conversion. Within 3 months, it became the #1 in the moisturizer category. Success on the launch campaign has been showcased as Facebook Success Story.

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Global Leader in Beauty | Thailand | Digital Strategy & Creative Content

A global leader in beauty needed help with establishing Facebook as the main hub for corporate branding, illustrating trends, and amplifying messaging, and establishing thought leadership and voice on LinkedIn. Trends Digital came up with a content strategy and concept drafting to align with the client’s key messaging pillars. This led to the creation of powerful, thought-provoking content that drove up page likes and increased audience engagement.

FMCG & Foods


Multinational Chocolate Brand | Thailand |
Social Media Management and Digital Creative Content


A multinational chocolate brand wanted to amplify & position itself as the perfect screen time snack, alone or matched! We introduced young audiences to the fun of ‘Mix & Matching’ M&M’s with impactful, playful & movie tie-in content formats. Along with a strong community building/engagement focus with weekly contests and engaging content, we drove Fan Growth considerably. 

On Valentine’s Day, we also successfully drove penetration and increased brand relevance through M&M's Love on Delivery Campaign. The loving & light-hearted nature of our Brand Characters helped amplify the message across channels and generated very positive user reactions.

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International Restaurant Chain | Thailand | Social Media Management & Analytics

Pizza Company

We helped a restaurant chain and international franchise with their digital & social marketing of E-Commerce by producing digital creative content, managing their social media, 7-days community management, and conducting social listening, and gained 1M+ Facebook fans. To launch Line and drive followers and sales, we created content and stickers, fostering one of the largest FMCG Line communities in Thailand with a following of 12.5M+.

Real Estate

Real Estate
Major Development

Leading Developers in high-end residence projects | Thailand | Online Lead Generation & Social Media Management

Leading developers in high-end residence projects approached us as they wanted to generate leads for potential condominium buyers. Our strategy involved driving high-quality social leads via Facebook, SEM, and website banners, social media management, and always-on content to drive awareness and consideration.

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Mobile & Electronics

Moble & Electroncs
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Multinational Personal Computer Brand    | 6 SEA Countries | Online Product Launch, Social Media & Community Management, and Influencer Management

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We have been partners with a multinational personal computer brand and a multinational mobile company brand for over half a decade. Over the years, we have run several campaigns for them and their technology partners from Awareness and Demand Generation campaigns to Sales campaigns. In addition, we have done event coverage for their exhibitions and hosted live product launches with KOLs in Thailand for over 10 models. With their sights set on APAC, we also set up their official store on Lazada in 6 countries. By providing regular social media and community management, we were able to create a lively platform for fans and customers.


A successful influencer campaign was also conducted on TikTok in 2022 to attract new, non-tech centric consumers to consider their next phone where each key influencer used the product, showing a few product features, to inspire their followers and fans. Every following video used inspiration from one of the key influencer’s videos OR another influencer who was previously inspired by one of those videos to create their own new connected video - a continuing chain of creativity and social connection. The campaign reached out to 4.5M+ TikTok users in 2 weeks.

3D Printing Company | Thailand | Social Media Management

XYZ Printing.jpeg

With an almost non-existent brand awareness of a 3D Printing company in Thailand, we were put on the task of optimizing their social media presence through a comprehensive social media restructuring. We produced and served a variety of digital creative content for the growth of their brand awareness on Facebook, and managed their social media to improve branding.

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Software & Mobile App

Software & Mobile App
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World’s Largest Language-Learning Application | Thailand | Online Market Research and Influencer Management


We collaborated with the world’s largest language-learning app, to conduct online market research on certain application growth to see what can “fuel the fire” and drive user acquisition and retention in Thailand. Based on the market insights and key drivers, we continued with successful Influencer Campaigns on Tikok, YouTube, and Twitter to further drive application installs in Thailand.

Popular Camera Application | Thailand | Social Media Management and Online Lead Generation

U Like

Created a mini-campaign for a popular camera application to tie in to the trending Miss Universe topic in Thailand with Contest Pages and Facebook & Instagram with Awareness / Uplift, and App Install Objectives. Within a 1-week execution kick-off, we were able to have a high count of interactions and engagements paired with a high count of clicks to both Google Play & iOS App stores.

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Global Leader in Computer Software | Thailand, Indonesia and India | Online Lead Generation, Digital Strategy, and Influencer Manage

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A global leader in computer software tasked Trends Digital to tap into the Contributor Community across multiple channels with the aim of conversions. We worked with KOLs in Thailand, India and Indonesia to get creators to upload and sell their creatives on the platform, and did cross-channel amplification of influencer content to engage target audiences. Another aspect was generating traffic to the contributor site for users to learn more about the program and sign-up.

IT & Tech Solutions

IT & Tech Solutions

Multinational Corporation and Technology Company | 6 SEA Countries | Digital Consultancy Project, Online Market Research, Digital Creative Content, and Media Plan, Buy, Setup

The launch of ICONSIAM Mall, opening on the legendary Chao Phraya Riverfront in Bangkok, needed to be done with a big bang. Expectations were high, and its first impression needed to leave a mark. A multinational corporation and technology company approached us to lead on-ground support and production to cover the mall opening. We highlighted the best of their culturally inspired night-sky storytelling spectacle and successfully disseminated the Shooting Star Drone content across regions to 6 SEA markets in order to raise awareness of the major regional initiative & we exceeded KPIs. We were also put to task to cover the biggest Game Show in Thailand in real-time where we employed multi-channel media bursts to cater to all fans the key moments of the event.


We also produced playbooks for three ASEAN countries by providing Internet of Things (IoT) Market Research and Advisory, and Content Strategy, Creation and Distribution, with the aim to recruit and engage with OT SIs, raise incremental IoT revenue, and generate a significant increase in interest from OT SIs.

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American Multinational Technology Conglomerate | SEA countries | Social Media Management, Digital Creative Content, and Social Analytics

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We provided assistance to an American multinational technology conglomerate with Advisory analytics for their local User Group Facebook Page hygiene clean-up and some best practices on creative content and ad strategy. 
As website optimization was a challenge for them, we helped analyze their website (desktop and mobile) for network performance, speed, UX journey, and content accessibility. By carrying out a professional setup of their official Thailand Youtube Channel and localizing content to align with strategic local verticals and architectures, we were able to solidify their digital presence.


We expanded our creative scope in their SEA arm by becoming their Youtube partner: creating, managing, and amplifying their Youtube channel content to generate awareness and increase subscribers. By helping them set up webinar series, which included concept direction, content strategy, storyboarding, scripting, recording, post-production editing, we were able to help them establish a relationship with SEA SMEs through YouTube video content medium that showcased an approachable brand image and simple but sophisticated solutions.

Energy & Power

German Multinational Corporation | SEA Countries | Online Product Launch

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A German multinational conglomerate corporation experienced that their product had not seen needed traction via traditional sales channels in SEA. Thus, Trends Digital helped to develop and execute the global premiere of the first digital product launch in the world to increase brand awareness. We also activated multi-channel communication with ongoing testing and optimization and content catering to target audience profiles.

Eneg & Power
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Industrial & Manufacturing

Industrial Manufacturing
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Leader in food processing and manufacturing advanced materials | 6 Asian Countries | Online Lead Generation

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A leader in food processing and manufacturing advanced materials approached us as they wanted to generate B2B leads from high-level decision-makers. We ran highly targeted lead generation campaigns with specific calls-to-action and cross-channel. Since the campaign was being rolled out in multiple territories, we also oversaw the content localization process, translating our creatives and copy. 

Using email marketing, we drove traffic towards the event registration for seminar signups and created event responses to raise awareness and attendance at the booth. 

Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness

Fastest-growing Fitness Franchise in the World | Thailand | Social Media & Community Management and Digital Creative Content

Anytime Fitness.jpeg

The fastest-growing fitness franchise in the world needed help getting off the ground to launch their business on social media. Trends Digital’s marketing team set out to create local social media channels and content, with an emphasis on strong visuals and short-form social video formats. We initiated a successful channel launch and ensured Always-On Media Activation to boost content. Trends Digital worked closely in planning, coordinating, and executing on-ground production videos at Gym Branches.

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Global Pharmaceutical Company | Thailand | Digital Creative Content


A global pharmaceutical company wanted to create a microsite for its customers to immediately understand their range of services. Our website design and development team addressed this by developing a microsite adding certain elements, using compelling imagery, and clear and concise content, to grab the visitor’s attention and showcase their services. 

NGOs & Non-profits

NGOs & Non-Profits

World's Premier International Development Agency | 3 SEA Countries | Digital Consultancy Project, Digital Creative Content, and Influencer Management

As the acceptance and demand for wildlife products of endangered species were still too high in Thailand, the world's premier international development agency approached us with the aim of reducing it. To reach and engage those who desire to buy and use wildlife products, Trends Digital strategized and developed a multi-language digital deterrence campaign. This led to multiple stages of digital deterrence strategies across channels and into Digital and OOH campaigns to counteract the major causes of demand while collaborating with Main Donor, Government Agencies, and Influencers. We launched Behavior Change surveys to measure the success rate in changing attitudes in target groups. The campaign went on to feature on their official website.

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Recognizable Social Welfare Organization in the World | Asia Pacific | Digital Consultancy Project, Digital Creative Content, and Media Plan, Buy, Setup

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One of the most widespread and recognizable social welfare organizations in the world approached us to raise awareness on the dangers of the internet and child online protection. Trends Digital strategized, produced, and launched Public Service Announcement videos for Asia Pacific markets and provided best practices and informative facts featuring their Regional Ambassador, Siwon Choi.

They were also looking to accelerate the growth of digital fundraising revenue by maximizing the use of digital fundraising and marketing channels across a range of campaign activities. Trends Digital strategized and implemented online campaigns and successfully drove consideration, donations, and donor recruitment.

Intergovernmental Organization | SEA Countries| Social & Digital Analytics


The world's leading international development consulting firm asked Trends Digital for analysis on communication visibility and impact of European Union digital outreach initiatives in Southeast Asia countries. We conducted a social media analysis of Facebook, Instagram, and  Twitter, web and SEO analysis, benchmarking of peers and partner agencies, with the application of an analytics tool, and provided recommendations and actionable insights.

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Traffic Asia

Global Wildlife Trade Monitoring Network | Thailand | Digital Creative Content

A global wildlife trade monitoring network approached us with the aim to deter the purchase of illegal wildlife products in Thailand among potential online buyers. We embarked on developing creative ad visuals and content for advertising campaigns on wildlife trafficking, focusing heavily on Facebook posts and Banners.

US Non-Governmental Organization | SEA Countries and India | Online Lead Generation and Media Plan, Buy, Setup

habitat for humanity.jpeg

Trends Digital was approached by a US non-governmental organization to generate awareness and leads. We helped them promote the Housing Forum event held in Thailand on Facebook with lead gen, event, and video ads as well as through web banners in motions on Google Display Network with the goal of bringing in attendees from partners, cooperations, universities, non-profit organizations, and people who showed interest in the event during pre-event phase. During the post-event phase, we have also helped them circulate and promote the post-event report on Facebook and Google Display Network. The event was promoted across Southeast Asia countries such as the Philippines, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc, and has received overwhelmingly strong results.

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Preeminent Voice of the Canadian Private Sector in Southeast Asia | Thailand | Digital Consultancy Project and Digital Creative Content


We were a media partner for a preeminent voice of the Canadian private sector in Southeast Asia and activated them on Twitter & LinkedIn. Trends Digital interviewed over 2 dozen honored guests, attendees, speakers, and ambassadors on important topics in innovation within key industries. We also helped with content production, highlighting post-event highlights and industry discussions, in order to raise event awareness and engagement.

Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

British Multinational Asset Management Company | 7 Asia Pacific Countries | Media Plan, Buy, Setup


To help a British multinational asset management company increase awareness and consideration on Financial instruments, we ran Facebook and Linkedin Ads in 7 countries in APAC and provided benchmarks for further marketing initiatives.

Banking, Financial Services & Insurance
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Asia’s Leading Insurance Company | Thailand | Digital Analytics & Creative Content


One of Asia’s leading insurance companies' goals was to connect O2O touchpoints and enable a guided journey to receive personalized financial product recommendations for end-users. Trends Digital tested, defined, and developed a design prototype and kit based on Usability Design Principles and ensured country-wide adoption. The application was later implemented in partner branches and points of sale across the country.

Travel & Hospitality

Leading Travel Technology Company | Thailand and Singapore | Online Lead Generation and Digital Creative Content

22 of the 39 megacities.gif

Trends Digital ran a Smart Cities campaign for a leading travel technology company by developing social ads and GDN banners. Targeting B2B customers in Thailand and Singapore was among our top priorities and we ran two phases of mini-campaign – from brand awareness to traffic generation. We engaged the targeted audiences and captured their attention with content served in diverse forms, such as infographics, GIFs, and videos to post on all of Amadeus’ social media platforms.

Travel & Hospitality
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Wow Taiwan

National Level Research Think-tank | Thailand | Online Product Launch, Influencer Management, and Digital Creative Content

A National Level Services Research Think-tank in Taiwan came up to Trends Digital to assist with brand awareness and event organizing and coverage of Taiwan brands and products. We did major launch campaigns with offline and digital PR, conference/influencer/social content. This includes holding a LIVE talk show program with influencers on Facebook, creating a variety of digital contents/animations/GIFs for social media to drive maximum awareness, and developing a website campaign for audiences. Apart from this, as TV channels 3 and 5 were also present at the event, they successfully received local media attention from the channels.

At TRENDS, we work with you every step of the way - and we always deliver.

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